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Arex Solar  The Best Photovoltaic Technology

Use your roofs to make money.
Commercial Rooftop Systems

Many commercial building roofs lie dormant, although they usually offer ideal conditions for a rooftop solar power system: large, uninterrupted areas with minimal shading.

Use the potential of these spaces and harness the power of the sun to turn your rooftop into a high-performance PV-system. You can feed the power produced on your roof into the public grid or use it immediately for your own power needs. We offer ground-breaking and reliable solutions, designed to match the construction needs of metal, bitumen, or membrane roofing. Our imported products are not only innovative - they promise dependable top performance.

Arex Solar does more than produce the technology: we are here to assist you as a general contractorat every stage in the planning and construction phase. Once your very own power plant is up and running, you can benefit from our comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services.

Whether you want to produce power for your own use or for feeding in to the public grid: investing in a Arex PV rooftop system is always the right decision.

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