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Arex Solar  The Best Photovoltaic Technology

Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Rooftops.

Mostly the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings are not shaded which give us an advantage to use these areas for high-performance solar power installations. With recent years developments and thanks to the falls in panels prices, many companies now consider to use solar power systems in their usable areas.

Industrial rooftops always represent a challenge for planners and installers. Most constructions have very low load-carrying capacity where roof pentration is often not an option and the solar power installation must not affect the ongoing business operations in any way.

We offer best queality innovative products for your roof projects. System solutions are ready for quick and straightforward installation on existing rooftops. If it is needed, we can refurbish and design our plans again. We always avoid roof penetration and have a minimum system weight. We offer our customers a versatile range of support and expertise before and after installation.
For later maintanance, we provide reliable mechanical, electrical and engineering planning including static calculations.

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