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Arex Solar  The Best Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Power Companies

Performance for Added Value.

How your plant is operated has the greatest influence on its profitability and ability to produce the expected returns. It pays to keep an eye on the performance of your plant. Performance that exceeds the expectations will be a major boost to your plant’s resale value.
Arex Solar helps you evaluate your investment.

Operation and Maintenance.

The purpose of good O&M contracts is to get the best out of your investment – at predictable costs. The variety of providers in the markets makes it hard to stay on top and find the right partner. Trust is the foundation for reliable, lasting partnerships. Arex Solar is your partner for operating and maintaining your investment.


Any defects demand immediate action, an effective response, and an economically sensible solution to avoid affecting your investment’s returns. This is particularly relevant in the case of damages to core components, such as transformers. Good planning and diligent analyses can make such unexpected incidents become opportunities for real performance improvements. It pays to have an independent partner at your side


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