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Arex Solar  The Best Photovoltaic Technology

Residential Products

Years of experience for unbeatable quality.
Our premium mono and polycrystalline modules are compatible with all common assembly systems. And like all other modules, they are characterized by longevity and high levels of operating efficiency–even when the sun is not shining.

Our Services

Project Development

The location and local infrastructure has a massive impact on the prospective installation and operating costs for any solar power plant

Our team of experienced engineers and project developers will check the conditions on site and evaluate the feasibility of a solar power project.

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Realization and EPC Services

AREXSOLAR’s innovative power plant concepts make investing into solar power an increasingly attractive option. Our intensive development work has allowed us to take the reliability and the performance of solar plants to a new level.Unrivalled speed in planning and construction – getting your plant on the grid sooner than you think.

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Operating and Maintenance

To protect your investment, AREXSOLAR is there for you for the entire lifetime of your plant: if you wish, we can take over the operation, maintenance, and inspection of your plants. Because we monitor your assets constantly and inspect them regularly, we find potential for optimization in good time and respond immediately in the case of any problems.

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